Some Civil War sites in York County are well known, but others are in remote areas and take legwork to find. This Paradise Township site, a Jacob Altland farmhouse was the site of the surrender of York to the Confederates in late-June 1863.

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This girl is seen at Drawbaugh's one-room school in a planned photo session - the old schools still dotting York County being so stately and engaging. A century ago, she would have attended that Newberry Township school with her brothers and sisters up to Grade 8. This slide was part of a Hometown History presentation by historian Jamie Kinsley and archivist Domi Miller, a series exploring York County people, places and issues. One-room schools were the topic of Episode 1 in the second season of this video series. Photo submitted by Deanna Frye- Fink.

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Since its beginning, York County has served as a crossroads. Settlers would pass through here to go to all points of the compass. Centre Square, later Continental Square, illustrated here, was the epicenter of pioneers seeking their fortune. Yet, other intersections have been the scenes of activity, We're exploring those here.

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