Race and place

The 2020 U.S. census shows that Latinos in York County are the fastest growing group. About 40,000 Latinos make their home in the county. It’s difficult to know when the first Latino families moved to York. But St. Mary’s Catholic Church saw so many Latino congregants in its pews that it named an assistant pastor to minister to this growing flock. The following are key links to stories about Latinos in York County.

Julio Rivera, left, and Enrique Claudio enact the role of Roman guards, persecuting Jesus, here played by Huego Nieto. The re-enactors produced ‘The Way of the Cross’ on South George Street in Easter season, 2004. Such Good Friday processions are common in Hispanic countries – and now around York County.
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Latino Resources

Delma Rivera tells about his pioneering Latino family’s experiences in York County.